Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Friend, Page

while i was in florida, i got to meet my new friend page. well, we aren't new - i'm almost 9 months old & page is 4 months old. we just hadn't met yet. our moms have been friends for years - i mean years. we won't talk about just how old they are - mom said that's not nice. anyhoo, i thought you should check out these pics ... this was the first time that i was the older kid. whatcha think? did i do a good job?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pool Time!

last week, i made my first car trip with mommy (& sunny & dora) to florida. we dropped sunny & dora off in tampa so that they could visit dora's grandma. and then we went to visit my grandma in fort myers. she took me swimming in her pool. it was a blast. thought you might enjoy this pictures. i have much more to tell you about my trip so i'll get mom to post some more pictures soon. wish you could have been with us enjoying the sunshine.

mommy & grandma insisted on sunscreen

check out this water

i loved to splash grandma's hair

mom & i pose for a pic

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


i love playing in the bath. it is so much fun to splash mommy or daddy. they just laugh & so i splash them more & more.

mommy & daddy wash my hair
even though i don't have a lot!

i love that octopus

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter - A Day Late!

mommy & daddy were real busy on easter so i didn't get to tell you HAPPY EASTER! we did get to celebrate but it was late in the day. my friends came over to help me find eggs in the backyard. it was really fun cause our eggs had cheerios in them. does everyone have cheerios in their eggs? i'd love to know.

my cousin noah, isn't he sweet?

i found a pink egg - love it!

my friend lia

posing for a pic

what do you think of noah's paparazzi?

Monday, April 2, 2007

Look At Me!

look at me! i'm standing up in my crib. i just learned to do this the other day. it is so cool to just wait on mommy to get me up from my nap time. yippee! sometimes, i even stand at my crib at the beginning of nap time & hope that mommy will come & get me so i don't have to nap. sneaky huh? don't tell mommy!