Saturday, March 31, 2007

Check This Out

mommy found this picture in my diaper bag that i take with me to "school." check out this picture, pretty funny huh? daddy told me that it wasn't halloween & he didn't understand why they dress me up in funny costumes. mommy thinks I'm adorable ... as usual. what do you think?

Friday, March 30, 2007

More Friends!

today, i had a new friend born - lily hawthorne. i can't wait to meet her. her mommy had a c-section - what a different way to be born??! other than that, i have been just hanging out with mommy & daddy. we did a little shopping but dad didn't find any new shoes. but mommy got a new necklace & i think it is real cool. i try to get mommy to let me have it but she won't. not sure what that is all about - i usually get what i want. gotta run, it's my bedtime. nite-nite ~ haley

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My New Blog

hey ... i have finally convinced mom that i need a new blog page. i know, i know, it took awhile but it worked. we are going to try this new blog page out for awhile & see how it goes. in the meantime, i think mom & dad are going to work on revamping our website! i'll keep you posted on that progress.

i'm growing up really fast or at least that is what mommy & daddy keep telling me. i learned to crawl & honestly, it is great cause i can get all my toys.

mom & I went to the park today for the first time. and i got to swing! it was so much fun that it made me laugh. we didn't stay long cause it was lunchtime & i really like to eat. mom forgot the camera - sorry about that. we'll catch a picture next time.

but i thought since it has been awhile, maybe you wanted to check out some recent pictures.

learning to crawl

sportin' dad's hat

i can even crawl under the coffee table

i'm giving a kiss - what a cute baby!