Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Photo Booth

today, mommy & i were playing on the computer. we took some pictures using a program called photo booth. hope you enjoy ~ they are mostly just silly. yes, this is what they called quality time together ~ i'm sure glad that mom stays home with me! ps. dad likes taking pics too!

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Dad

today is the day that my dad died one year ago. this blog is usually filled with happy pictures & words from haley. i felt like i should just take a minute to say a couple things about my dad. i miss him - i know that's a duh to most people but i thought i should just say it. he died right before haley was born & i miss him being her grandpa! he would have been wrapped around her little finger. :) he was a great dad to me (& adam). he would have done anything for us. and i have thought a lot about his death ... how sad that his life ended to cancer. but you know what - i am not mad at God about it. you know why ~ God was so faithful. i prayed for dad & didn't know how things would ever change for him - he was so angry about religion & God. but through the years, God softened his heart & my dad entered into a personal relationship with Him. i am SO GRATEFUL for that relationship. it was more than i ever could have asked for & more important than his life on this earth. dad will be with God in heaven for eternity. boy, do i still miss him?! wish we had more time ~ a lot more time but we didn't. i'm bummed about it ~ don't necessarily understand why he had to leave this earth when he did but it is nice to know that i'm not in control. aren't you glad too? a couple of dad pictures ...

adam & dad
ever wonder where i got my funny faces?

dad with katie, my little cousin!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Getting Older Every Day

i almost forgot ~ i'm 11 months old today! :) one month to go until the big ONE.

Pickles & Summer Fun

summer fun ~ you have to love it. grandma was here last week for july 4th. we went to the pool with noah & sara. it was (as usual) fun. i like the pool.

i'm chillin' after swimming!

last night, daddy gave me a pickle to eat

i like pickles!